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Project Demo session backlog

Project Demos are up to 10min open-source firmware, hardware, and open instruction set architecture (OSF/HW/ISA) related demo sessions every hour. In the past, we accepted:

  • OSF/OSHW/OpenISA projects development, debugging, and validation demos.
  • OSF/OSHW/OpenISA projects status presentations.
  • Presentation about OSF funding, sponsoring, bug bounty, and business models.
  • Hardware and firmware certification presentations.
  • OSF/OSHW/OpenISA conference announcements and advertising.
  • OSF/OSHW/OpenISA programs announcements and advertising.

Based on reddit discussion with omasanori

  • RustSBI - maybe u/CyReVolt know what is community opinion, especially Ron, about this repo, maybe even someone tried it.
  • qspimux - we know Felix for quite some time and used that project in ASUS KGPE-D16 compatible Dasharo firmware. I will mention that project when we will get to KGPE-D16 during the vPub.
  • lnDSO150 - never heard about this one, thanks for the reference. Maybe u/mean00 could jump in and talk little bit about this cool project at future vPub? I also noticed that GigaDevice seem to have STM replacements. I wonder if they have the same supply chain issues.
  • bcm5719-fw - I saw announcement of this project on Raptor Forum. I will ask melrott, if there is interest in introducing project at vPub.