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Free-form discussion topics backlog

Main value of vPub always for free-form discussion, because of that we would like to keep as long as possible list of potential topics that could be of interest for vPub community.

vPub #4 agenda


  • Richard started discussion about simplified and scalable way of building firmware here.

FOSDEM 2022 after-party notes

  • OST2: Reward system: forum to discuss with creators: vPub/NFT - Xeno approved idea of forum, but it will take some time to set it up.



From Andrew

  • <troll>No QR code on the image</troll> - we should discuss that at some point.

From Thierry

The discussion as of now needs to be really practical in what the FSF can actively promote for KGPE-D16 and extend that to libre design and absence of blobs, otherwise it gets complicated. Will edit this post with key points.

RMS suggested:

  • Can you send a brief list of the concrete helpful things that the FSF should do?
  • One is to ask the developers of Coreboot to keep the support for the KGPE-D16, never to drop it, explaining that it is the one and only x86 server board that respects users' freedom.
  • What else should I ask the FSF to do?

We can work on above during OSF vPub and note brainstorming results.

FOSDEM 2022 after-party notes

  • C++ considered harmful:
  • RPi 4 2U rack-mount bracket
  • 1 inch GB Ethernet
  • Formal methods discussion: TrueDoks(x)
  • added to vPub #4 agenda
  • TrenchBoot TPM 1.2 support: how much work it can be? who can sponsor that? Maybe write-up about security of TPM 1.2 and size of deployment?
  • Xen XTF

Previous vPub topics ideas

  • Review past vPub sessions notes and chat discussion